Track your dog’s activity, location, and monitor their vital signs.

Feel closer to your dog. Track their activity and monitor their vital signs. See things from their point of view with the TailTale camera to get an unrivalled insight into their life.

Features and Functions

Heart Rate

TailTale’s patent pending technology monitors your dog’s heart rate. See how your dog reacts and feels about their surroundings throughout the day.

Body Temperature

A laser thermometer monitors your pooch’s body surface temperature and alerts you when things are out of ordinary.

GPS Tracking:

Monitors and records the whereabouts of your dog and receive alerts if they wander too far. Find out your dog’s favourite spots using TailTale anytime, anywhere, with unlimited range.

Fitness Tracking:

Combining data collected by the GPS and the accelerometer, TailTale is capable of tracking the distance your companion travels, their steps taken and caloric expenditure, and distinguishes between intense and mild exercise.

Video Footage:

When a Dog Cam is attached, you can take pictures and videos from your dog’s point of view and have instant access to the footage on your smartphone. You can then share your dog’s world on our Social Petwork – PetConnect.

Social Petwork:

TailTale provides access to PetConnect, our Social Petwork dedicated to animal lovers. Post and share your dog’s videos, pictures and stories with dog lovers around the world and see what adventures their dogs are up to.

4G & WiFi Connectivity:

Your TailTale is connected to your smart phone as long as there is Wi-Fi or mobile signal.  No need to fuss with Bluetooth pairing, no additional Wi-Fi dock required, stay connected anytime, anywhere.

Features and Functions

The TailTale Harness

Premium Outer

Designer Harness

Secure Leash

Comfortable Inner

Robust Fastenings

Artisan design:

Designed with both function and form in mind.  The well-crafted TailTale harness can be worn on its own, with or without a device fitted, offering ultimate comfort and durability. Available in sizes to suit most dogs.

Robust Fastenings:

The harness is highly adjustable for your dog’s perfect fit. All fastenings are made of high quality heavy duty polymer to insure longevity and secure fitting.

Secure leash:

Secure leash anchor and ergonomically designed handle on top of a robust construction and zero pull design, ensures that you can keep your furry friend calm when they are a bit over excited.

Premium outer:

Micro Fibre/ PU material forms a lightweight and robust abrasion resistant waterproof harness that will last and look smart on your best friend, offering comfort and style.

Comfortable inner:

Mesh/quick dry linen dries up quickly after your pooch has been playing in ponds or streams. The breathable material reduces odour and helps your dog stay comfortable.

The TailTale Harness



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