TailTale App

The TailTale App is the connective hub to access all features of TailTale

Check your canine’s heart rate, temperature, location, distance travelled, activity level and even video of their point-of-view all in one place. The TailTale App is an easy and fun way to gain unrivalled insights into your dog’s life, interests and feelings!

Heart Rate Monitor

TailTale devices contain unique patent-pending technology that observes your dog’s heart rate regardless of how much hair your furry friend may have in the way. Heart rate is one of the most important vital signs that is closely connected to your dog’s physiological state. Monitor your dog’s heart rate on the routes and journeys you take to watch what makes your companion happy.


Utilising a laser thermometer, you are able to monitor your dog’s surface body temperature to find out if your canine is overheating or feeling too cold. Then you can keep your friend comfortable and happy!

GPS Tracking

Every TailTale device is fitted with an excellent GPS unit to track your dog’s current location as well as keep a record of previous locations your canine has travelled. Not only this, TailTale also allows the owner to set a ‘Smart Fence’ around a specific location from the mobile app which sends a warning if your dog wonders outside of the set parameters. The GPS can also be used to see the places your dog frequents so you can understand your pooch’s favourite spots!

Distance Travelled and Fitness Tracker

TailTale can track how far your canine companion has travelled and measures the level of activity in terms of steps take, exercise intensity and estimated caloric expenditure, so you can keep an eye on their fitness and health levels through the exercise they get. It can be surprising to find out just how active and adventurous your dog is! The activity and travel distance data will be used in conjunction with vital signs data in the future to deliver a more sophisticated fitness analytical system to ensure your dog does the best exercise for them.


See through the eyes of your best friend with the dog-cam in 1080p resolution.* Capture exciting memories from your canine’s point of view in short videos. All the footage and pictures taken are instantly accessible on your mobile app. A live streaming service will also be offered in the future. Any images taken can also be shared to PetConnect, the dedicated social petwork for dog owners to mingle.

*1080p at 30 fps, or 720p at 48 fps, prospect specs for guidelines only, may subject to future changes.

Secure Harness

Your TailTale device will be attached to a TailTale harness system through a sturdy and lightweight polymer harness loop.

The TailTale harness has been designed and tested to for maximum levels of comfort, style and durability to ensure safety for your dog and reliability of our product.

Harness available in S,M,L,XL,XXL sizes.*

*we recommend a minimum body weight of 10kg

Mobile and Wi-Fi Network Connectivity

PetConnect is constantly connected to your smartphone via mobile of Wi-Fi network so there is no need to fuss with Bluetooth, no requirement of additional devices, and best of all no range limit at all.

You can use every feature including retrieve footages taken, regardless of the location of your dog.

Social Petwork

The TailTale App has a dedicated social petwork space called PetConnect, where you can share your Tail’s Tales with other dog lovers.

You can check in a new location where you and your pooch go on epic adventures, share the videos and pictures taken along the route, and best of all, how your friend reacts to things physiologically all with a tap of your finger.