Like many of us, Stanley, the Co-Founder of TailTale has had a great affection for canine companions from an early age. His family dog Canton a mixed-bred shepherd was a young puppy when Stanley was born.

For four years they grew up, went on adventures together and were totally inseparable. Stan, was the boy who imagined he was a wolf taming mythical knight when he was with Canton!

Then one day Canton disappeared, to return two years later outside the doors of Stanley nursery, as he always had done before. It was then that Stanley first realised how strong the bond between a dog and their human could be.

When Stanley left home to go to university, he really wanted to know what the family dogs are up to when he was away, so when he and his peer students were asked to conceptualise a product for a university project, the idea of a wearable tech that could give him an insight into this seemed the ideal product.

Stanley’s Lucky and Fizzy, who usually stay with his mom

In July 2015, Stanley met Hongwu, a programmer and engineer, who had recently discovered the joy of dog ownership as he adopted a stray dog who he named Rifling. As a new dog owner he was eager to learn more about his dog psyche.

Rifling sleeping like a baby

Stanley’s idea of an advanced wearable tech product immediately resonated with Hongwu. And his confidence in the possibility of making this concept a reality convinced Stanley that the concept of TailTale can be so much more than just a university project, and the two decided to go forward with the business venture.


Since then, Hongwu had adopted another dog named Ah-2 (sorry but not sorry our dogs do have strange names!), and his affection for dogs grew ever stronger.

Since late 2015, they have been working with a skilled team of engineers and designers that share his passion for animals and technology to bring TailTale to the stage it is now and is working ever harder to make it ready for the market.

Ah-2 and Lucky

These are the founders of TailTale, fuelled by caffeine, excited by the potentials of wearable tech for dogs, and driven by their sheer love for animals. An unlikely duo who are 24 years apart in age but working together to make TailTale the ultimate device for dog lovers, and inspire the future of wearable tech for dogs.