It’s Official: The TailTale Device Has Launched!

You can head on over and support our Kickstarter campaign to finally get your hands on the TailTale device! Just click here to be taken straight there. There are massive discounts for the first few days of the campaign, and so pledge now to receive the best savings.

Crowdfunding Recap:

Crowdfunding is when a group of individuals pledge money together to reach a certain goal. Depending on how much an individual pledges, they are entitled to a reward if the goal is met. Rewards could include a t-shirt or e-book, however, the rewards for backing TailTale’s campaign are the TailTale devices themselves. Rewards differ depending on the amount you pledge.

Kickstarter operations on an all or nothing basis, meaning that any money that Kickstarter campaign backers pledge will not be taken unless the goal is reached. Therefore rewards will only be sent if the goal is reached too. If you want a TailTale device, then make sure you tell other furry friends so they can help turn this dream into a reality.

Thank you to everyone who has already pledged their support, we look forward to learning all about the adventures you and your furry friends go on!